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Natalia Villavicencio
Barnosky Lab

Natalia Villavicencio


Phone: (510) 643-6275

Web page:

Research interests: "I am interested in how biological communities have responded to large-scale environmental changes in the past. I'm particularly interested in organisms' responses to the climate change that occurred during the last Glacial-Interglacial transition.

"I have always been interested in the history of life. My previous research was focused on plant community change due to precipitation and climate during the last 50,000 years. Now, in the Barnosky Lab, I'm really enthusiastic about seeing how mammal communities have responded and adapted to past environmental changes."


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Lindsey, E.L., N.A. Villavicencio, A.D. Barnosky, C.R. Marshall. The disappearance of Pleistocene megafauna from the South American pampas and the effects of different analytical methods on interpreting extinction dynamics. Society of Vertebrate Paleontology meeting. Dallas, TX. October 2015.

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