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Nick Spano
Barnosky/Looy Lab

Nick Spano


Phone: (510) 643-6275

Web page:

Research interests: "I'm broadly interested in the developing concept of Conservation Paleobiology, or utilizing the fossil record for current and forecasted conservation issues. This includes differentiating background vs. non-background (human-caused) extinctions, ecosystem dynamics including responses to climate change and habitat disruption, the Anthropocene, and management guidelines for biologic invasions and reintroductions."

Why paleontology? "I've made an academic hobby out of paleontology since a family vacation in kindergarten to the Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, South Dakota, but have also been interested in giving something back via a career in conservation. After an introduction with colleague and friend to the idea of Conservation Paleobiology, I realized: "why not both?" So now I'm working in the Barnosky lab, really excited to investigate late Quaternary mammal extinctions as a lens for addressing present and future conservation concerns."


Spano, N.G., C.S. Lane, S.W. Francis and T.C. Johnson. 2017. Discovery of Mount Mazama cryptotephra in Lake Superior (North America): Implications and potential applications. Geology, DOI:  Read it