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David Smith
Graphic Designer

David Smith


Phone: (510) 643-6378

Web page:

Work at UCMP: The majority of David's work is on the web, most recently on projects such as Understanding Evolution and the Paleontology Portal. In addition, he designs print publications such as the quarterly museum newsletter. He also does the layout for PaleoBios, the museum's online journal.

Why Paleontology? "I've been a dinosaur fan since age four. As a kid, I wanted to dig up dinosaurs. I loved the idea that dinosaurs dominated the earth for a long time: they were very successful, very large, and very cool. I never lost interest in them."

Why UCMP? "I enjoy working with people like Lisa White, and I really like the work I'm doing. There are always new projects to keep it interesting. I get to stay involved in paleontology, as well as my second love, which is art."