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Ashley Poust
Padian Lab

Ashley Poust


"My interest in Vertebrate Paleontology stems from a desire to understand as much about the world as possible by understanding its past. This depth of history was the essential draw that brought me to geology and, through the study of evolution, to biology. I currently learn about life of the past using anatomy, phylogeny, bone histology, egg microstructure, and taphonomy. These tools allow me to start teasing apart the threads of development and evolution that underlie small feathered-dinosaur growth, pterosaur biogeography, the faunal composition of the Badlands, and the reproduction of Chinese dinosaurs."


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Poust, A.W. and R.W. Boessenecker. 2017. Mandibles of the sea lion Proterozetes ulysses from the middle Pleistocene Port Orford Formation of Oregon. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology. DOI: 10.1080/02724634.2017.1317637.  Read it

Poust, A.W. 2016. First report of fossil turtle eggshell west of the Colorado Plateau. Historical Biology, doi: 10.1080/08912963.2016.1189911   Read it

Boessenecker, R.W. and A.W. Poust. 2015. Freshwater occurrence of the extinct dolphin Parapontoporia (Cetacea: Lipotidae) from the upper Pliocene nonmarine Tulare Formation of California. Palaeontology. 58(3):489-496.

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Barta, D.E., K.M. Brundridge, J.A. Croghan, F.D. Jackson, D.J. Varricchio, X. Jin, and A.W. Poust. 2014. Eggs and clutches of the Spheroolithidae from the Cretaceous Tiantai basin, Zhejiang Province, China. Historical Biology. 26(2):183-194.