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Tesla Monson
Hlusko Lab

Tesla Monson


Phone: (510) 643-8851

Web page:

My research focuses on the evolution of mammalian craniodental variation, the genetic architecture of morphological patterning, and the evolution of adaptive traits. My projects have included quantitative analyses of primate dentition, the characterization of extant and fossil species variation, the evolution of phenotypic integration of the cranium and face as well as museum-based reports on paleontological collections. For my dissertation, I am investigating the evolution of dental eruption patterns in mammals.

In addition to my strong focus on research, I am committed to science education and outreach. My service with museums and committees is complimented by my long-standing work as the host and producer of The Graduates, a science radio talk show broadcast bimonthly on KALX 90.7FM and available as a podcast. The Graduates features UC Berkeley graduate student research and is committed to advancing diversity in STEM, highlighting paths to research and providing advice to younger generations of students interested in science.


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