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Kaitlin Clare Maguire
Barnosky Lab

Kaitlin Clare Maguire


Phone: (510) 643-6275

Web page:

Her Research: "I am interested in understanding the relationship between climate, biogeographic distributions, and mammal evolution during the Cenozoic. My research involves using ecological niche modeling in the fossil record."

Why she loves science: "Studying science feeds my curiosity about the world that surrounds us. I enjoy learning through my own studies as well as from others. My favorite part of what I do is spending time in the field collecting new fossils and data. I also enjoy all the traveling that I get to do."

Why she chose paleontology: "Paleontology is at the interface of biology and geology, a perfect place to study the relationship between the environment and the evolution of life. It also incorporates time, an important dimension of evolution."


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