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Renske Kirchholtes
Looy Lab

Renske Kirchholtes


Phone: (510) 642-1449

Web page:

"I am interested in geology, paleobotany and vegetation reconstruction; particularly, how these can be tied together in biostratigraphical research. To this end I study phytoliths, small silica particles found in most plants, in an effort to provide the field of biostratigraphy with a new tool. This means I will be behind a microscope a lot of the time, but my research will hopefully involve a decent amount of lab work too."


Barnosky A.D., M. Holmes, R. Kirchholtes, E. Lindsey, K.C. Maguire, A.W. Poust, M.A. Stegner, J. Sunseri, B. Swartz, J. Swift, N.A. Villavicencio, G.O.U. Wogan. 2014. Prelude to the Anthropocene: Two new North American Land Mammal Ages (NALMAs). Anthropocene Review, 9 Sept. 2014. Anthropocene Review 1-18.  Read it