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Mark Goodwin
Assistant Director (Collections and Research)

Mark Goodwin


Phone: (510) 643-9745

Web page:

His research: Mark studies how dinosaur bones change with growth and how fossil bone is preserved.

Burning questions: "What's the difference chemically and mineralogically between an unaltered modern bone and a fossil bone? What is the effect, if any, of the burial environment on the mineral and chemical properties, and how do you measure it?"

Sidelights: Mark is also researching the behavior and life history of pachycephalosaurs (dome-headed dinosaurs) and ceratopsids (horned-dinosaurs), particularly Triceratops.

His favorite thing about research: "The field of paleontology is much more integrative now, and working with colleagues from geochemistry, biology, and medicine, makes research both fun and challenging. Probing fossils with particle beams and X-rays, or slicing thin sections only 100's of microns thick, provides a wealth of new questions and projects. Plus I enjoy traveling to new places and meeting new people!"


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