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Liz Ferrer
Padian Lab

Liz Ferrer


Her research: "I am interested in vertebrate paleontology. Specifically, I'm interested in integrating comparative phylogenetic and morphological studies to better understand the relationship between form and function in vertebrate evolution."

How she got interested in paleontology: "After visiting the American Museum of Natural History as a child, I left with more questions than answers. I started researching ideas in paleontology when I was 8 and never stopped all throughout high school. I realized that either this was just a ridiculously long phase or my lifetime ambition. I chose the latter and haven't looked back since."


Barnosky, A. D., Nicholas Matzke, Susumu Tomiya, Guin Wogan, Brian Swartz, Tiago Quental, Charles Marshall, Jenny L. McGuire, Emily L. Lindsey, Kaitlin C. Maguire, Ben Mersey, Elizabeth A. Ferrer. 2011. Has the Earth's sixth mass extinction already arrived? Nature 471:51-57  Read it