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Diane M. Erwin
Sr. Museum Scientist (Paleobotany Collections)

Diane M. Erwin


Phone: (510) 642-3921

Web page:

Research interests: Diane's current research focuses on western North American Tertiary plants and their evolution and changing distributions. She notes, "Plant communities are always changing. The fossil record gives us that unique window into how plants that lived millions of years ago have changed in form, distribution and associations, and then ask why the change."

Collections: Diane also manages the paleobotany collections, and so by combining research with curation hopes to improve their scientific value. "Scientists worldwide use our paleobotany collection data. However, they are not always able to verify the identifications so their results may be flawed. I'm hoping through published revisions to provide a more accurate fossil plant record, while updating the UCMP paleobotany collection."

Why paleobotany? "I took a plant morphology course in college that was taught from a paleobotanical perspective and was hooked immediately. I always had strong interests in botany, field biology, geology and geologic time, so I was thrilled to find that paleobotany combined them all."


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