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Ivo Duijnstee
Adjunct Curator/Adjunct Assistant Professor, Integrative Biology

Ivo Duijnstee


Phone: (510) 642-1607

Ivo is interested in paleoecology (especially of foraminifera — single-celled marine organisms whose shells easily fossilize — and fossil plant communities), the reconstruction of paleoenvironments, and how the Earth system (the interacting biosphere, atmosphere, oceans, ice sheets and solid Earth) has functioned in the past.

Besides his work at UC Berkeley, Ivo is an assistant professor at the Department of Earth Sciences at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. There he teaches biological topics for geology students and vice versa. In Berkeley, he teaches the courses Oceans (IB/GEOG/EPS c82) and The Living Planet (IB 159).


Contreras, D.L., I.A.P. Duijnstee, S.L. Ranks, C.R. Marshall, C.V. Looy. 2017. The evolution of dispersal strategies in conifers: convergence and divergence in the morphology of diaspores. Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics. 24:93−117.  Read it

Looy, C.V., and I.A.P. Duijnstee. 2013. Characterizing morphologic variability in foliated Paleozoic conifer branches — a first step in testing its potential as proxy for taxonomic position. New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science Bulletin. 60:215-223.