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Lorraine Casazza
Lipps Lab

Lorraine Casazza


Phone: (510) 642-1607

On evolution and education:
Lorraine started her academic career a bit later than most students. After reading Ever Since Darwin by Stephen Jay Gould, she was inspired to start college at the age of 24. "It made me aware that evolution isn't just the simple 'monkey to man' story I learned in high school. I've been fascinated by questions of tempo and mode in evolution ever since." Now a graduate student in Jere Lipps's lab and a GSI, she says to her undergraduate students: "School is such a pleasure compared to most jobs — there's so much more intellectual stimulation. Appreciate your time here."

"I was passing by the Prep Lab one day and knocked on the door. Jane, the museum preparator, was kind enough to show me around and explain the work she does. It was an exciting introduction to UCMP and made me want to get involved." As an undergrad, Lorraine found a workstudy position with Ken Finger and worked with him on the microfossil collections database.


Lipps, J. H., L. R. Casazza, S. A. Fay, M. Weber. 2008. Evolutionary History of Photosymbiosis and Its Implications for the Future of Reefs. Abstracts with Programs - Geological Society of America, 40 (6), xx