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Roy Caldwell
Curator/Professor, Integrative Biology

Roy Caldwell


Phone: (510) 642-1391

Web page:

His research: Roy studies the behavior of stomatopods, marine crustaceans that are distantly related to shrimp. Roy has been studying stomatopods for over 40 years; at this point, he says, "the animals themselves start asking the questions." These days, Roy is focused on how stomatopods use polarized light to communicate with each other.

His path to the UCMP: Roy is an animal behaviorist and marine biologist — it is a bit unusual for a biologist with his background to be involved with a paleontology museum. However, the UCMP has a large collection of marine invertebrate specimens, some of which are fossils and some of which are modern. Roy has collected many marine invertebrate specimens, including cephalopods and stomatopods, while doing field work in Indonesia and French Polynesia. He contributed these specimens to the UCMP's collections and became a faculty curator. Roy's contributions to the museum don't stop there. "I have an interest in evolution outreach and public education," he says. Roy is the principal investigator on the UCMP's Understanding Evolution and Understanding Science websites.


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