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Marianne Brasil
Hlusko Lab

Marianne  Brasil


Phone: (510) 643-8851

Web page:

"I am interested in patterns of skeletal and dental variation among mammals, broadly, and more specifically among primates. I am particularly interested in how we interpret variation in the fossil record, how changing environmental contexts influence evolutionary processes resulting in morphological differences, and how developmental and genetic constraints pattern such differences."


Monson, T.A., M.F. Brasil, and L.J. Hlusko. 2018. Allometric variation in modern humans and the relationship between body proportions and elite athletic success. Journal of Sport of Anthropology and Physical Education. 2.3:3 - 8.  Read it

Monson, T.A., M.F. Brasil, D.J. Stratford, and L.J. Hlusko. 2017. Patterns of craniofacial variation and taxonomic diversity in the South African Cercopithecidae fossil record. Palaeontologia Electronica, 20.1.7A: 1-20.  Read it

Hlusko, L.J., C.A. Schmitt, T.A. Monson, M.F. Brasil, and M.C. Mahaney. 2016. The integration of quantitative genetics, paleontology, and neontology reveals genetic underpinnings of primate dental evolution. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 113(33):9262 - 9267.   Read it