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Jessie Atterholt
Lindberg/Wake Labs

Jessie Atterholt


Her research: "I study macroevolutionary patterns and processes by integrating neontologic and paleontologic data."

Why she loves paleontology: "I love paleontology because it helps us better understand evolution, and because it is humbling to study a field that gives me an appreciation for the long history of life on Earth and puts our little time of existence (as a tiny twig on the 'hugely arborescent tree of life,' as Stephen Jay Gould phrases it) into perspective."


Atterholt, J. 2011. Phylogenetic mapping of the avian altricial-precocial spectrum and its implications for inferring early avialan life history. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 31(3, suppl.):64-65A.  Read it

You, H.-L., J. Atterholt, J.K. O'Connor, J.D. Harris, M.C. Lamanna, D.-Q. Li. 2010. A second Cretaceous ornithuromorph bird from the Changma Basin, Gansu Province, northwestern China. Acta Palaeontologica Polonica, 55(47): 617-625.