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Museum of Paleontology
University of California
1101 Valley Life Sciences Building
Berkeley, CA 94720-4780

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Voice: (510) 642-1821
Fax: (510) 642-1822

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About USGS Invertebrate Collection:Erica
About Paleobotany Collections:Diane M.
About Microfossil Collections:Ken
About Invertebrate Collections and Collections Management:Mark
About Vertebrate Collections:Pat
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Marshall, Charles, Curator/Professor, Integrative 642-1821
Assistant Directors:
Goodwin, Mark, Assistant Director (Collections and Research) 643-9745
White, Lisa, Assistant Director (Education and Public Programs) 664-4966
Administrative Staff:
Mejia, Chris, Administrative 642-1821
Collections and Research Staff:
Clites, Erica, Museum Scientist (Invertebrate Collections) 
Erwin, Diane M., Museum Scientist (Paleobotany Collections) 642-3921
Finger, Ken, Museum Scientist (Microfossil Collections) 643-2559
Goodwin, Mark, Assistant Director (Collections and Research) 643-9745
Holroyd, Pat, Museum Scientist (Vertebrate Collections) 642-3733
Education and Outreach Staff:
Chin, Helina, Graphics Communication 643-6378
Roque, Trish, 643-6378
Thanukos, Anna, Principal 643-6378
White, Lisa, Assistant Director (Education and Public Programs) 664-4966
Barnosky, Tony, Curator/Professor 642-1821
Caldwell, Roy, Curator/Professor, Integrative 642-1391
Clemens, William, Curator/Professor 642-6675
Finnegan, Seth, Curator/Assistant Professor, Integrative 664-9916
Hickman, Carole, Curator/Professor 642-3429
Hlusko, Leslea, Curator/Associate Professor, Integrative 643-8851
Lindberg, David R., Curator/Professor, Integrative 642-3926
Lipps, Jere, Curator/Professor 642-9006
Looy, Cynthia, Curator/Associate Professor, Integrative 642-1607
Marshall, Charles, Curator/Professor, Integrative 642-1821
Padian, Kevin, Curator/Professor, Integrative 642-7434
Valentine, James, Curator/Professor 643-5791
White, Tim D., Curator/Professor, Integrative 642-2889
Adjunct Curators:
Duijnstee, Ivo, Adjunct Curator/Adjunct Assistant Professor, Integrative 642-1607
Curatorial Associates:
Alvarez, Walter, Professor, Earth and Planetary 643-9980
Byrne, A. Roger, Associate Professor, 643-9170
Ingram, Lynn, Associate Professor, Earth and Planetary 643-1474
Sloan, Doris, Adjunct Professor, Earth and Planetary 642-3703
Graduate Students:
Benca, Jeff, Looy 642-1449
Brasil, Marianne , Hlusko 643-8851
Chang, Lucy, Marshall 643-2549
Contreras, Dori Lynne, Looy 642-1449
Dougherty, Lindsey, Caldwell 642-1391
ElShafie, Sara, Padian 
Holt, Eric, Barnosky 643-6275
Hsiung, Winnie, Looy 642-1449
Kirchholtes, Renske, Looy 642-1449
Kirchner-Smith, Makenzie, Padian 
Kloess, Peter, Padian 
Latorre, Daniel, Marshall 643-2549
Lim, Junying, Marshall/Gillespie (ESPM) 643-2549
Monson, Tesla, Hlusko 643-8851
Muddiman, Benjamin, Looy 642-1449
Orzechowski, Emily, Finnegan 664-9916
Poust, Ashley, Padian 
Reiner, Whitney, Hlusko 643-8851
Romero, Rosemary, Lindberg 643-9746
Souto, Camilla, Marshall 643-2549
Spano, Nick, Barnosky 643-6275
Taylor, Larry, Finnegan 664-9916
Tremblay, Susan, Mishler/Looy 642-6810
Zhang, Zixiang, Barnosky 643-6275
Postdoctoral Affiliates:
Bean, Jessica, Postdoctoral 
Carrasco, Marc, UC Department of Integrative 643-6275
Huffman, Michaela , Hlusko 643-8851
Klompmaker, Adiel, Finnegan 
Rankin, Brian , Visiting Student Researcher (University of Calgary) 
Rapacciuolo, Giovanni, Marshall Lab (510) 643-2549
Schmitt, Christopher, Hlusko 643-8851
Research Associates:
Bell, Michael A., Stony Brook University, Dept of Ecology and 
Blois, Jessica, School of Natural Sciences, UC 
Boersma, Anne, Visiting 
Boessenecker, Robert, University of Otago, 
Evans, David, Royal Ontario Museum, Dept of Natural 
Gangloff, Roland A., Visiting 
Hadly, Elizabeth A., Dept. of Biological Sciences, Stanford 
Horner, Jack, Chapman 
Hutchison, J. Howard, Visiting 
Koch, Paul, Dept. of Earth Sciences, UC Santa 
Manchester, Steven, Curator of Paleobotany, Florida 
Meyer, Erin, Visiting Scholar (California Ocean Science Trust) 
Molnar, Ralph, Queensland Museum (retired) 
Motani, Ryosuke, UC 
Parham, Jim, California State 
Powell, Charles , U.S. Geological 
Roopnarine, Peter D., California Academy of 
Sankey, Julia T., Geology Program, California State University, 
Strait, Suzanne G., Marshall 
Tomiya, Susumu, Postdoc, Field Museum of Natural 
Wilson, Greg, University of 
Museum Associates:
Abraham, Joel, CSU Fullerton, Dept of Biological 
Clarke, Doug, Assistant Archivist, 
Crumly, Chuck, Visiting  
Reid, Ann, (National Center for Science Education) 
Scott, Eugenie, Visiting Scholar (National Center for Science Education) 
Sigwart , Julia , Sabbatical Visiting 642-3926
Strauss, Dave, Photographer, 
Urry, Lisa, Visiting Scholar, Mills College, Education and 
Xin, Nan, volunteer